"God loves you. You have people who love you. You are going to be O.K."




J.J.'s focus is on helping people walk out their faith in meaningful and life giving ways. J.J. has spoken to people all over the world for audiences of 15 to 15,000, sharing his own story and and the story of God. His humor and life experience help people understand grace and love in new ways.

He can design a talk specifically for your community.  Areas of passion include grace, theology and the arts, walking the path of a gay Christian, and God's love.



J.J.'s experience and education allow him to come alongside you or your organization to help share your story on a broader scale.

He offers two types of consulting.  The first is for aspiring authors who are looking to write a book and the second is for organizations who wish to expand their reach.  



J.J. is an author and blogger.  Currently he is part of the blogging community at Storyline and just completed his first book.  He occasionally posts musings on this site's Blog page. Contact him about writing for your organization.


"Between my time in Bible college, getting my masters in theology and serving in various ministry positions all over the world I have learned a great deal more theologically deep terms to describe Jesus.  Some bring comfort, some bring rebuke.  Some seem to fit better in more specific situations and some are overarching.  But through it all, the primary word that keeps me connected to Jesus is friend.  I have never doubted that piece of the Gospel.  For me, that’s what it means to have faith like a child: to never forget that Jesus is my friend.  He is a friend to all and he is a friend to me."  - J.J.

"For a long time I was nervous to share my story about being gay, not because I was ashamed, but because I wasn't sure I wanted to be known as the 'gay pastor.'  I want to speak about grace and love and Christ and not just about the issue of homosexuality.  The more I sought Christ, the more I was given opportunities to share my story.  I am not called to the issue of homosexuality.  I am called to Christ and as I share my story, I share Christ." - J.J.



J.J. has lived a very interesting life.  

Did you know that J.J. ...?


Danced in a Missy Elliot music video.

Loves helping people discover how much God loves them and the part they play in the Grander story.

Lived in Kenya when younger, but has worked all over the world empowering church leaders through community development and leadership training.

First acting job was on the West Wing.

Was baptized in a cattle trough while surrounded by Massai warriors and their cows.

Worked as a legislative aide while in high school at the Oregon State Capitol.

Was once a Future Farmer of America.

Has eight nieces and nephews.

Was shown as one of Ellen's favorite dancers from her first 500 episodes.

Wants to come share stories from all these experiences with you and help your community become who they were meant to be.