"One of the most holy moments I have ever experienced with my congregations was when J.J. came and shared with us.  His story impacted everyone, regardless of where they were, and helped move our conversation forward"  

Hal Shrader- Lead Pastor, Trinity Mennonite Church

"JJ  freed us from our stuckness.  With four pastors & a non-profit employee trying to co-write a book together, there were too many cooks in the this tiny kitchen.  Using an authoritative process & comforting humor, JJ helped us make sense of the messiness within our cooking environment.  After two days we walked away with clarity, next-step directions, and most importantly, a project we were all passionate to invest in."

Kevin Mo-Wong-  Solidarity


"When I was in college, I had the incredible opportunity to have J.J. as my campus pastor. He continued to point me to Christ during a season of my life when I hadn't fully developed my own convictions.  Years later, he remains a friend and pastor who I've now brought to share his heart with my own students because I know who he will point them to: Christ."

Jed Manimtim- Children's to Young Adults Pastor, Sunrise Community Church