For many years now years I've had the privilege to attend the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit.  If I'm honest, in my more youthful days I tended to be cynical about most leadership conferences, but every year I was humbled and rocked by what I got to experience.

These days it is one of my favorite events of the year.  I am consistently challenged and moved by the men and women standing on the stage and sharing their hearts and wisdom.  

This year I am sitting under the stage at Willow Creek with a group of social media experts, working on getting the word out about the events of the day.  I got to join in the fun.  I have never tweeted so much in my life.

Here are some of the quotes or thoughts I sent out today as a way of trying to boil down some of the things I will walk away with from this year's Summit.  

Tweets from GLS#2015

‪#GLS15 Research shows leaders have 3.4 blind spots. When was the last time you asked someone “What are my blindspots?” ‪@BillHybels

‪#GLS15 Self sacrificing love is the core of leadership.  Vision, strategy and problem solving are not.  It’s self sacrificing love.

‪#GLS15 Love never leaves a heart the way it found it.  "Love never fails."  ‪@BillHybels

5 Intangibles of Leadership-

Unremitting Grit

Humble Self-Awareness


Self-sacrificing Love

Create a Sense of Meaning #GLS15

The other the side of the coin of success is not failure it is growth - Jim Collins ‪#GLS15

‪#GLS15 Leadership is not personality, position, power- it only exists when people follow when they have ability to not follow -Jim Collins

Life isn't about a single hand. Life is a series of hands. True creators stay in the game. -Jim Collins ‪#GLS15

Creativity is not incongruous with science. "Art isn’t about drawing, it’s about learning to see." @edcatmull #GLS15

In a collaborative environments. Magic happens with loss of ego in the room. @edcatmull #GLS15

Stating values and agreeing values is easy to do.  What is hard is to ask why you are not living up to those values. @edcatmull #GLS15

Stories are going to change the world @edcatmull #GLS15

A successful Giver isn't Mother Teresa/Ghandi all the time. Do five minute favors. Data says 100hrs a year is sweet spot. ‪@AdamMGrant ‪#GLS15

Negative impact of Taker is double the positive impact of a Giver.  So important the right people are on the bus. Weed out takers. ‪#GLS15 ‪@AdamMGrant

Givers have a higher chance to both succeed and fail. Are more likely to fail in short run, but more likely to succeed in long run. ‪#GLS15 @AdamMGrant

As people, we want more love, joy, connection, community. The only path to those things is vulnerability ‪@BreneBrown ‪#GLS15

We invent stories w/relational miscommunication. That's a conspiracy- limited data points filled in with values and ideas ‪#GLS15 ‪@BreneBrown

"As leaders you can choose courage or you can choose comfort. You can't have both." ‪@BreneBrown ‪#GLS15

The bravest among us will always be the most broken hearted... because they have the courage to love. ‪@BreneBrown ‪#GLS15

Diverse teams outperform smarter, more capable teams. ‪@SallieKrawcheck ‪#GLS15

There are some creepy Christians out there. If you haven't met one, it's you. - ‪@Michaeljrcomedy ‪#GLS15

Don’t ask who is the best person for the job? Our bias is to look for people like us. Instead, ask do we have a fully diverse team? ‪#GLS15

We buy in to the lie we must leave it all on the field. We don’t live on the field, we only play on the field. What's left for home? ‪#GLS15

Live for your eulogy. Not your resume.  ‪@alberttate ‪#GLS15

Dumb idea + God’s Hand = Life Transformation.  ‪@alberttate ‪#GLS15

What would it look like if you led with something left at the end of the day? That is a picture of the Gospel. God's abundant grace. ‪#GLS15